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Spotify Downtime | New App Feature

Project Brief
• Creating a new feature for an existing app
• Designs must align with current brand
• Design must solve a user pain point

Research Methods
• Sketchnoting
• User Interviews
• Literature Review

Problems Identified:
• Users want to use Spotify to unwind and de-stress
• Not all genres of sound fit into music/podcasts
• Users need more options to separate and categorise

Our Approach:
• Improve user relationship with algorithm
• Seamless feature integration into existing app
• Use micro-animations to reinforce our feature
• Grow Spotify’s user base with new feature

When developing our Spotify feature we focused on several key areas:
The problem we initially wanted to address was the relationship between the user and the algorithm, specifically the failure of differentiation between listening modes. We took this idea with us throughout development. We wanted our feature to be seamlessly integrated into the current landscape allowing the user to understand the new functionality effortlessly.

Our micro-animations were created to reinforce the theme of our feature while also adding extra context for the user. Another aspect of our ideation was keeping in mind the idea that our feature should draw in a wider and more varied user base and expand Spotify's use case scenarios. Our approach prioritized exploration and ideation at the beginning of our project and we allowed our concepts and ideas to shift and expand.

We started with the concept of implementing a toggle or switch into the current Spotify landscape but decided to push it further. We utilized ideation worksheets, user interviews, and our personal experiences during this process that lead us to defining a new space within the app for the users “downtime” listening.

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